Saturday Jul 26

Dear Garth, Love, Josie

Have you ever been such a huge fan of an artist that you spend your entire life following their journey and 100 mg generic viagra longing to see them in concert? If you were to look at my “Bucket List”, you would see two words, one name, on a piece of paper. It would simply say, Garth Brooks. Garth taught me to dream big and is one of the reasons I went into the music industry in the first place. I was part of propecia with no prescription his fan club when I was only 5 years old and received a signed poster from my Hero, Garth Brooks, in the mail. Unless my other Hero, my Dad, went out and bought a poster and forged Garth’s name...either way, it is a treasure!

The neighbor girls and I would make up dances to Garth’s songs in the front yard of our farmhouse on a hot summer day and would constantly rewind the tape when we were swimming in the horse tank. My best friend in elementary school and viagra canada generic I would sing his songs (loudly) everyday on the the best place school bus and somehow avoided any mocking. I remember recording Garth's concerts on our VCR at home and watching it over and over again. The way he would look to levitra soft gel the crowd with such amazement, was the same way I look at him. I've suffered several health issues in the past, but keep going strong and find refuge in Garth's music. He touched on subjects decades ago that are just now getting the attention they deserve. “Standing Outside the Fire”, “We Shall Be Free”, “The Thunder Rolls” and one I’m getting to know all too well, “Much Too Young”.

I was very sad to see him leave the music scene to spend time with his daughters, but I respect his decision to do levitra 10mg so. I was ecstatic when he announced an upcoming world tour and was looking for tickets before the dates were even set. During his announcement, he said he took time away from the sildenafil spotlight for himself, to soak up all the time he could with his girls. To be on a wave that high and step away for time with your children says a lot about his character and price of viagra priorities.

Hopefully I will get to see this amazing talent in person. I know I’ll be sobbing the entire time, as I remember listening to each one of his songs through my tape player, my first (and best) investment at the age of seven. I’ll remember singing with my friend on we recommend the bus and jumping in the horse tank on those hot summer days on the farm.

Music defines you. It takes you back to online viagra uk a time when things seemed simple..happy..perfect. It’s there for you on tough days and brings you back to better ones. Whether I’m  in a “Learning To Live Again”, “To Make You Feel My Love”, “Wolves” or a “Friends In Low Places” mood, Garth remains a constant for me in an ever-changing world.

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