Tuesday Sep 23

Secret Sound on KSUX

The KSUX Secret Sound winner was made with Jackson on KSUX


Listen up weekdays at 7:20am during "The Tony & Candice Morning Show".  They will give you the www.artnova-connect.com "winning times" and the theme of the winning collage of audio.  It may contain celebrity voice(s), song clips, movie titles and buy viagra at a discount other audio files.  So far, we've made 6 big winners!

1 -  "Weather theme" - "Twister" the movie, "Blown Away" the song, "The Thunder Rolls" song, and Al Roker

2.  "Dog Theme" - "Ol' Red", Toby Keith (the big dog Daddy), You'll Think of Me (not a cat fan), and "Marley and Me"

3.  "Love Gone Bad theme" - "Stay", "Fatal Attraction", "Pray for You", and Kristen Stewart

4.  "Disgruntled employee theme" - "Johnny Cash" song, "Office Space", "Beer on the Table", and Luke Bryan talking about his first job at Bebo's.

5.  "Money theme" - "Chain of Love", "Moneyball", "Beer Money", and Brantley Gilbert talking about building a home

6.  "Famous tv ladies" - Jessica Simpson, Jenna Renstrom, Rosie O'Donnell and Tyra Banks

7.  Random celebrities - Dr. Phil, Jake Owen, Billy Gilman and Rusty Wallace

Secret Sound #8 on KSUX.

The Secret Sound #8 is comprised of 5 voices.  Be the 15th caller at the designated time. get all 5 right and win $500!

Wrong guesses on 10/24 - Voice #1 - Marlon Brando and Kenny Chesney (Hint:  The Kenny Chesney guess is MUCH CLOSER!)

Wrong guess 10/25 at 9:45am - Voice #1 - Boomhauer from "King of the Hill"

Clue #1 - Think country music star....  He played in Siouxland, but not recently....

Wrong guess 10/25 at 3:30pm - Voice #1 - Tom Brokaw

Wrong guess 10/26 at 7:25am - Voice #1 - Toby Keith

Clue #2 - His favorite team might be the PHILadelphia Phillies....

Wrong guess 10/26 at 10:27am - Voice #1 - Jason Aldean

VOICE #1 guessed correctly - PHIL VASSAR!!!!

10/26 Voice #2 wrong guess - Ellen

Clue # 3 - Voices 2 & 3 have something in common....

10/29 Voice #2 wrong guess - Carrie Underwood

Clue #4 - Voice #2 mentions Grant.  Grant is from Sioux City!

10/29 Voice #2 wrong guess - Miranda Lambert

10/29  VOICE #2 CORRECT ANSWER is Taylor Swift

Voice # 3 guess - Grant Michaelson from Taylor Swift's band

Clue #4 - Voice #3  Think Valentine's Day with Voice #2

Clue#5 - I don't believe Voice #3 has ever been to Sioux City...he hangs out in the woods

Clue #6 - Voice #4    14-3-4

Wrong guess on voice #3 - Adam Levine

On-air clue for Voice #3:  Not a musician

Clue #7 - A Laut of http://www.marshablackburn.com/rx-generic-levitra women love this guy!

Voice #3 guessed correctly - Taylor Lautner (Jacob from "Twilight" - was also in Valentine's Day with T. Swift)

10/30 at 12:40pm Voice #4 guess was Kristen Stewart

Clue #8 on Voice #5 - This dude is within driving distance of Sioux City!  Very inspirational guy.

Congrats to Stacey from Sioux City!  She just won $500 from KSUX

Here were the price of viagra in canada winning Voices:

1.  Phil Vassar
2.  Taylor Swift
3.  Taylor Lautner
4.  Sara Te Slaa from KTIV
5.  Paul Rhoads - Iowa State Football coach