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KSUX Music Survey – You could win concert tickets!!!!


We’d love to hear your opinion about NEW music on KSUX!

Here’s the new KSUX music survey for Siouxland listeners!  This is really a great way to get YOUR opinion.  Here’s your chance to have a say in what we play! This quick survey will give you snippets of current tunes and all you have to do is tell us if you love it, hate it or are sick of it. We want to play what you want to hear.

Take the survey here…

Late February KSUX Music survey

You could win $100 just by voicing your opinion during the New Music Survey with KSUX 105.7! Thanks for your time!!

One Siouxland winner with a completed survey will win 2 tickets to Tim McGraw in Sioux Falls!

(Must complete by Sunday, February 25th)