Wednesday Sep 24

An interview with Jackson

"An Intimate conversation with Jackson"

You hear his voice every weekday on KSUX 105.7 from 2-7pm and you may wonder what makes Jackson tick.  Here's a bit of an insight into the world of Jackson.

Who's your favorite country music star?  Tim McGraw

What's your favorite tv show (aside from Channel 9 Eyewitness News) - "Duck Dynasty"...Hey, don't judge me.  A close second would be "Sons of Anarchy"

Worst on-air moment:  Saying the wrong station name

Most fulfilling moment:  Working with "Support Siouxland Soldiers"

When you were 6 years old, what did you want to be?  Without a doubt - a garbage man

Biggest pet peeve:  Slow drivers

Worst fashion look:  Ugg boots.  For Men.  For Women.  Whatever.  It's just plain ugly.  What is buy levitra online canada Tom Brady thinking?

Favorite Husker of all time:  Tommie Frazier

Food you demolish:  Rosie's Pizza's Garbage Pizza

It's a weekend off, what is your favorite activity?  I love doing yard work, drinking a cold beer and watching a Husker game.

Best movie - "Forrest Gump"

First cd you ever purchased - Guns & Roses

First wheels:  1985 Cutlass Ciera

Most memorable prom memory (answer safe enough for the where can i get viagra pills web site) - Being on the planning committee, because I got out of class

Movie that you can't stand:  "Wizard of Oz" - Man, those monkeys scare me!

Wedding colors - Uh, I think navy blue and like a burnt orange?

Editors note:  Jackson is set to wed on September 28th, 2013 to his lovely and very talented fiance'...Jessica

Please call Jackson at 274-1057 - weekday afternoons on KSUX.  Look, how lonely he looks....  Keep him busy!