Hey guys! It’s Josie, as I’m sure you realized since this is on the “Josie Cooper Page” and has my lovely picture here, which helps explain why I chose radio instead of T.V. HAHA. Country radio has always been a passion of mine. From listening to Conway Twitty tapes while I helped my Mom clean the house while the older kids were at school, to jammin’ out to Jason Aldean live in concert last year. 

I've suffered several health issues in the past, as I’ve had six pacemakers implanted since I was four days old and levitra available in india woke up from a Type 1 Diabetic Coma. I had no idea I was sick and kept finding a reason for each symptom, but looking back, the signs were all there. Music keeps me strong! It is incredible to find a song that captures the exact way you are feeling. I hope you feel the same about the tunes you hear on KSUX 105.7 and can relate to the stories I tell during my show from 9 to 2 each weekday.

From a dog pooping in someone’s house, to ruining a garage door and getting “pied” over a CMA bet, life is beautiful and can get pretty intense at times. But if I can make you forget your worries for a moment and put a smile on your face, that’s worth all of obtain viagra without prescription the silly stories, which I have an abundant supply of.

I am blessed with an amazing husband, Landon, who takes a lot of flak from his fellow truckers after I share some personal stories. Thank God he’s a great sport. I enjoy spending time with my incredible family, which includes six nieces and our two pups, Emerson and Hooch, who is the one who pooped in the bedroom our friend’s new house…”It” happens. HA!

I’ll be sharing plenty more stories and tramadol 50 mg tabs hopefully talking to you soon at 712-274-1057, on Facebook or at an upcoming KSUX 105.7 event!