KSUX Open letter to Garth Brooks

Open letter to Garth from KSUX:

Dear Garth –

We are thrilled to hear you are making a comeback with a tv performance later this month and a potential tour in the offing.  We recently asked our KSUX focus group (Facebook) about their interest level in seeing you return and the response was fantastic.  You are truly missed and Siouxland would REALLY love to see you in concert.  You’ve made stops in Omaha and Sioux Falls, but Sioux City has never been graced by your presence.

You see, we have this really cool venue called the Tyson Events Center.  We’ve hosted big time talent there like Elton John, Carrie Underwood (twice), Taylor Swift, and many others.  We are celebrating this community jewel by hosting a 10 year celebratory concert with JOHN MAYER!  He’s dating that Katy Perry you know…and he wears really cool robes on stage.

Well, this morning I learned John is not coming to town.  I can only assume Katy is not coming either.  We are left with an empty building and tons of confetti and balloons.  This is where you come into the fray.

The Tyson Events Center’s first show in 2003 featured Alan Jackson and a young lady that used to pill price viagra sell t-shirts for you at your merchandise tent.  I strongly believe it would be poetic justice to bring you in for your first visit to Sioux City.  So many shows at the viagra samples in canada TEC have been country and it would be a shame if Rob Zombie was billed as the 10 year concert party and not you.  You, Mr. Brooks, embody everything that is great about live shows.  If every performer put forth your energy as an entertainer – the world would be a better place.

Please feel free to book immediately by calling 712.274.1057 at your earliest convenience. 

We’ve played your songs 38,777 times but would LOVE to hear 20 of them live at the Tyson Events Center sometime in the near future.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tony Michaels
KSUX Program Director
Garth > Rob Zombie