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Tony’s notes from the couch – the KSUX CMA Blog 2013


Watching the CMA Awards tonight was like drinking beers with long lost buddies in your favorite bar.  You know the one where they have a free nachos and i use it a Husker game (or insert your favorite team) on the big screen. The stories were epic.  The laughs came easy.  Joy was spread.  The world seemed right.  I can’t remember a warmer Awards show in the recent past…and I watch these things religiously.

I really enjoy the look there feeling I get that country artists seem to really enjoy and RESPECT other country artists – for the most part.  When there is a “cooked up controversy” (like Luke and Zac), forgiveness comes naturally.  It’s often cured with a few verbal jabs and a funny ditty by Brad and Carrie – who were GREAT by the way.  Man, they seem so natural at this gig.

The flow of the show was phenomenal!  The 3 hours flew by like a half hour sitcom.  There were SO MANY top notch performances. 

My top 5:

1.      Eric Church singing “The Outsiders”.  Ok, I’m biased on this one.  I believe he put on THE BEST SHOW I’ve seen at the Tyson Events Center.  He always gives you the utmost energy and passion with his music.  He’s not afraid to beat to his own drum.  I guarantee you – he demands attention.  There is a reason why Rascal Flatts booted the rebel off the levitra sales online tour.  We got our money’s worth tonight

2.      I have no squabbles with anyone who ranks the AJ & George Strait “He Stopped Loving her Today” tribute #1.  It regains the CMA country credibility that was needed at the point in the telecast.  That was goose bump-worthy.  It did signal the transition from rowdy party to a more reflective tone the rest of the broadcast.  Tributes have a way of doing that.

3.      So when critics say Taylor Swift has drifted too far away from the country core – what does she do?  She enlists the help of the 2 most pure country vocalists of all time.  Vince Gill and Allison Krauss.  By the way, two artists that graced the Orpheum stage.  Taylor has matured so much and it’s been fun to see.  Once again I’m partial to cheap viagra overnight delivery Miss Swift because she kicked off her first major headlining tour in 2009 right here in Siouxville (to borrow a Bruce Miller term)

4.       “Compass” by Lady A.  Man, they are so smooth and that groove is infectious.  I keep thinking the tune was inspired by a mixture of “Cecelia” and some other song.  Riverdance? 

5.       “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan represents everything that is great about this country music industry.  When you take a personal crises (death of family members) and pour out your heart and buy levitra sale connect with listeners – man, that is powerful!

Honorable mentions –

Florida-Georgia Line – They are never coming to Sioux City, are they?  Yes, ABC9 sports dude Travis Morgan – you were right.  They are AWESOME.  You called it on day one.  Why can’t you pick Powerball numbers instead?

Hunter Hayes / Jason Mraz duet – They could be brothers.  Fun vibe.

Carrie Underwood – I’m a huge fan.  That’s all I want to say in this space.  Wow.  (She’s the reason I spent large amounts of money on my HDTV)  I’ve said too much.


Bottom 2:

1.       Rascal Flatts – They seemed to have lost their mojo and looked a little grumpy.  I hope they “find their happy”.  Yep.  Still thinking about Carrie Underwood.  Wow.

2.       Jason Aldean – dimly lit and voice was off microphone.  The dude has been going through a lot.  I’d give him a pass.  He puts on a great concert though.  He’ll bounce back.

Random notes:

Only Luke Bryan can pull off that sparkly shirt.

“We Were Us” mentions a “Hail Mary”.  I thought of tramadol sale Ron Kellogg III

What was up with Tim McGraw’s pants?   He looked like an insurance guy ready to sell annuities after the CMA Awards.  Wear jeans.  Please.  And, he can’t afford a belt?  Come on womens viagra pill man.  You are going to be President some day.  Start dressing the part.

Kacey Musgraves looked a little upset.  It’s okay.  It’s a long road.  You’re off to a great start.  Keep plugging away.  It’s a marathon not a sprint.  Don’t be pouty like Lee Ann Womack, Chuck Wicks, Kellie Coffey and me on Monday mornings before my first cup of coffee.  Celebrate life.  Follow your own arrow….to happiness.

Duck Dynasty is levitra dosage HUGE!  What lovable dudes and wives!

You know your arms are buff when Josie Cooper sends you a text saying “check out those biceps” on Kimberly Perry.

NEVER bet against the KING!


CMA Award Show grade:  A (I flirted with awarding an A+)

This is the highest grade since 2001.


Partly personal:

This year, my youngest son Beau really got into the broadcast,  (Happy to very good site report it was 8 year old appropriate too – can’t say that with the buy crestor uk MTV Music Awards).  He even took notes for his own blog.  What a proud Daddy moment. 

His blog in hand scribbled notes?

“I love you.  I love music.  I have elf on a shelf.  They play all these songs on KSUX”

What a great kiddo.

The first time an artist thanked country radio, he turned to me and said “Dad, they just thanked your band”. 


Yes indeed.


On behalf of Candice Nash, Josie Cooper, Jackson, Ryan, Mad Dawg, JB, Charlie Stone, Bruce Miller, Travis Morgan, Dennis Bullock, Dave Ferris  and the rest of the extended KSUX crew – thanks for listening.  Call in your favorite requests anytime at 712.274.1057.

Unlike many radio stations today, we actually have LIVE people who live here playing LOCAL requests.  What a concept, huh? 


It’s like KSUX is your bar where your favorite team is on the big screen and we have a free nachos buffet.  We love to share in YOUR stories and laughter.

Tony Michaels

KSUX Program Director

CMA blogger