Truck novel

There’s Somethin’ about a truck – even for this guy

It seems like it happened last week.  (It was actually 1995)  I was working the how to order viagra 2-5am shift early Sunday mornings on “Lincoln’s Classic Rock – 92.9 The Eagle”.  Let me tell ya, the calls I received on the overnight  request line would make a lumberjack blush.  I’m a little surprised there isn’t a “Desperate drunken calls to the rock station listener line” reality show.  There should be.  Maybe on TLC? The entertainment value during that shift far exceeded the minimum wage and viagra on line pharmacy free coffee I earned.  I would occasionally fill-in on the evening shift but my “on-air time” was restricted to post bar closing.

Then, opportunity knocked  in the form of the Program Director of “96 Kicks”.  He strolled down the hall to speak with me.  The weekend guy at the look here country station just quit and they were desperate.  Big time.  The Wrangler wearin’, acreage ownin’ horse lover PD, Charlie Thomas,  asked me to do him a country favor and rodeo up.  I made my debut the next night.  I loved it.  I felt like I could be myself and have fun.  It was a perfect match, except…

“I didn’t live the country lifestyle”.  Charlie told me to get a pick-up, boots and a cowboy hat.  To this day, I don’t know if he was serious or just messin’ with me.  I went to the mall that next morning and bought cowboy boots with a silver tips.  To this day, Candice tells me I should never wear them in public….or for that matter – in private.  Ouch.

Quick aside: I believe that line of thinking is so out-of-whack.  Great music is great music.  Owning boots or a truck won’t increase my love for the format.  I don’t understand people who HATE country yet don’t listen to it to cialis purchase online formulate an opinion.  That’s like saying, “Man, I hate moon rocks.  I also hate rainbow dust and unicorn rides”.

Fast forward to May 21st, 2014.  (Thank God.  Who wants to hear lame radio stories from 2 decades ago, right?).  My Jeep stopped working.  My flux capaceter was malfunctioning.  Or maybe my compressor thingee.  In times like this, I call my vehicle counselor – Mr. Steve Nash.  He checks out my broken down Jeep and it's great! diagnoses  a problem with my power steering pump ma jig…  Candice offered up the use of her hubby’s beloved 1985 Chevy Silverado truck.  It has 240,000 miles on it, holes in the floorboard, sticky windows and makes frequent trips to the gas station.  I’m sold.  Beats walking to pick up the kiddos from school.

Charlie Thomas would be so proud.

My wife gigglled and said “You are so NOT a truck guy”.  I can’t blame her.  I’ve never spent much time in a truck.  More on that later.

If you listen to the morning show, you know I lose man points on cheap viagra without rx a daily basis.  This vehicle will earn some of those babies back.  On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, my 8 year old son and I drive to pick up “our new truck”. 

Look at the smile on that kid.  I popped my collar in homage to a KSUX listener who called in that morning and said she expects truck drivers to buy chinese herbal cialis wear Warnglers and live on a farm.  I’m oh for 2.

Candice said she would never see the truck again when I rolled off into the countryside.  Josie text Nash with the buy cialis soft tabs following words:  “You’ll never see it one piece again”.  Fun snuffers.

The radio is tuned to KSUX.

The first song we hear from Florida Georgia lIne:

This is how we roll
This is how we ride
We slingin' up the mud, cuttin' through the countryside baby

Beau and I high five!

I did the one finger wave off the steering wheel.  Surpirisingly, Hintonians waved back.  The motorists in Sioux City?  Not so much.  The index fingers I saw wer busy texting.  I guess that billboard campaign isn't working.

We rolled and ride into the Headid ballfield.  Man, look at me - a Chevy truck and online generic viagra overnight Little League baseball.  All we are missing is the apple pie.  My lovely wife and oldest son Trey meet us at the game.  We do a little tailgating and batting practice.  The head coach Travis nods approvingly, “new truck, Tony?”. " Heck yeah! I replied.  Then added  "They don’t make ’em like this anymore."  I didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s just a loaner.

“We” win the game and decide to celebrate at Dairy Queen on Floyd Blvd.  (That’s the next best American thing to apple pie, right? ) As we leave we noticed the best place to buy cialis drive thru was packed.  I execute a wicked awesome u-turn and exit the entrance way.  During which maneuver, I gas out those 5 families eating out at Sonic next door.  I may have also burned a hole in the ozone.

Kip Moore blast out of the speakers which work great:

And there's somethin bout you and me and the birds and buy female cialis the bees
And lord have mercy, it's a beautiful thing
Ain't nothin bout it luck, there's something bout a truck

My oldest Trey LOVED the truck.  He’s a great kiddo with a passion for pools, popcorn and now…pick-up trucks!  I wish I could describe the joys he had in “Old Blue”.    For a child with no language “he definitely loves rides in the truck”.  He giggles and smiles non-stop.  Who knew?

I roll into KSUX the next morning at 5am.  Head back home at 5:20am.  I left my flash drive in the pocket of my khaki slacks n the laundry.  Most cowboys experience the same problem.

On Friday, I drive Candice (in her family truck) to Sneaky’s on Gordon Drive.  She informs me I can’t go “Wheee!” like the pig from the Geico commercials every time we go down a big hill or hit the cheap viagra from mexico gas.  Driving a truck is much more fun than driving a car or even a Jeep.  Not that mine works right now.  Darn pumpee thingee.  We do a “live broadcast” from the truck.  I demand to drive to a co-op.  We eat chicken instead.

I roll into the school parking lot a few minutes early to pick up my boys on the last day of school. 

I sit on the tailgate next to wow look it an Audi I see every day there.  The Audi unusually lets me into traffic a few minutes later. 

She probably

a)  thinks I demand more respect in a truck 

b) believes the rust may be contagious 

c) wants to giggle at the city boy

We drive away jammin’ to Text Request Live with Jackson.  We hear that goofy song from Jerrod Niemann:
Put my Chevy in the ditch
A couple grand to get it fixed
Bank account runin' dry
Boss ain't got no overtime
Friday rolls around gotta get this party to town got nothin to drive but just outside I hear my ride\Gonna ride that donkey donkey
Down to the Honky Tonky

We turn up the volume.  We giggle in the truck.  It’s a moment I will never forget.  A truck can maximize the fun in our your day.  Even if it’s goofy fun.

Truck observation:  If you have a truck, your lovely spouse will expect you to do “truck things”.  In my case, we have a shed filled with old junk.  I spent 4 high quality hours loading up the truck with junk.  Beau and I journey to the dump the next morning.

Man, that was the best 20 bucks we ever spent.  That was so much fun.  I heard Disney World is awesome, but got our entertainment value out of our trip to order cheap cialis the dump.  We threw junk into a big dumpster.   I sing “Going to the dump, the dump, to the dump, dump, dump” to the tune of The lone Ranger.  Just like my father did when I was his age.  Beau gave me the same funny look I gave my dad when he sang out of tune.

Flashback:  It’s amazing how “the old truck smell” in the cab can trigger a memory.  My ever-so patient father was tasked with teaching me how to drive a stick on our small white Datsun truck.  After 6 weeks of practice and nearly killing us on Cedar Street, my pops put his arm around me in a loving fashion and said “we’ll get ya an automatic car, son”.  The line was delivered with equal parts compassion and disappointment.

The song in the background during my mental flashback?:

And he said, "Let me tell you a secret about a father's love,
A secret that my daddy said was just between us."
He said, "Daddies don't just love their children every now and then.
It's a love without end, amen, it's a love without end, amen."

Saturday afternoon was consumed by trips to Earl May, Indian Hills Wilmes True Value, and Menards.

I ran into a friend who said “Are you buying the store”?  I responded, “Dude, I have a truck”. 

Truck observation:  People who drive trucks seem to be more driven than others when it comes to home improvement and cialis online pharamacy helping people.  Some of the greatest people I know drive a truck.  My dad, Candice’s hubby, Candice, Baseball coaches and my boss (who after reading this blog will most likely give me a company truck to drive).  All good people.  My father is a fix it man to the utmost degree.  He worked construction for 3 decades and maintenance for the next 3 decades.  I wish I had that mindset.  It may have skipped a generation.  The truck makes me feel like I might still have some of that in me.  I wish I was more like my father.

Sunday and Monday we make trips to the river to wow look it go bike-riding and hiking as a family.  All four of us.  Happy as clams.  We just threw the professional levitra online bikes in the truck bed.  We do have a bike rack that hooks to the Honda.  We tried assembling it one day.  We failed.  See above.  I hate that bike rack thingee.  This was easy.  It was natural.

Luke Bryan comes on where buy cialis KSUX:

She was sittin' all alone over on the tailgate
Tan legs swingin' by a Georgia plate
I was lookin' for her boyfriend
Thinkin', no way she ain't got one
Soon as I sat down I was fallin' in love

And then, “Cruise”

In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit
Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it
So baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise

Trey and I make a late night trip to KSUX to check on something.  Trey jumps into the cab and ordering viagra overnight delivery buckles up…in the driver’s seat.  “Not so fast lil’ buddy” I muster from in between my chuckles.

When we get home, my lovely wife says “You know, the idea of you owning a truck is really starting to grow on me”. 

I owe Charlie Thomas  an apology.  He knew something and was trying to tell a know it all 20 year old kid who knew everything a great life lesson.  Maximize the fun out of the country music lifestyle.    Maximiize the most out of life.

That’s the heartbeat of America.

I’d like to think this past weekend has made me a better country music Program Director.  I hope KSUX is the soundtrack to your summer and projects as much life into your life as “Old Blue” put into our family life this past weekend.  It’s funny what you learn inside the cab of a truck.  Now, that sounds like a country song.

By the pumpee thingee on the Jeep was fixed by a 18 year old engineering student on summer leave from  Iowa Sate....on Thursday....before I took ownership of online cheap levitra "my truck".  I was a little dejected when it got fixed so quickly.  I still got to borrow the truck.  And I'm thankful.

Tony Michaels - KSUX Program Director - Truck dude (someday)