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Creekfest review



The KSUX staff had this date circled for a very long time.  We were all stoked to the best site learn Florida Georgia Line was coming to Siouxland.  Selfishly, I always assumed it would be at the Tyson Events Center or the KSUX parking lot.  (Hey, that would be pretty sweet.)  But lo and cheap cialis super active behold, Cherokee pulled this one together.

So, double date night was set.  Jackson covered our KSUX broadcasting responsibilities, so this was a trip purely out of joy. 

Confession time:  I’ve never been to Cherokee.  I thought about going last year to see Jake Owen, but figured he’d make it to Sioux City eventually.  I’m not holding my breath to see if Florida Georgia makes it this way again in the near future. 

So, it was settled.  A Friday night road trip!  I asked my buddy Travis to drive.  I believe my direct quote was “I have no clue where I’m going.  And Open spaces scare me”.  To make the journey even more country, gravel roads were a pivotal part of the commute.  A friend at the show text me.  “Where are you?.  I said surrounded by corn! 

When I arrived near the female viagra sale bash, I was blown away by the amount of campers and concertgoers.  This was a big deal.  It reminded me a lot of We Fest near Detroit Lakes, MN

In case you were’s my criteria for a great concert:

           Do the performers really want to be here?  Are they invested? -   They looked like they were having the time of their life!

           Is there any local tie-in to the community they are performing? -        A video roll with references to buying generic cialis Cherokee made it on the big       screen and BK wore a Cherokee hat at the end of look here the show.  Class move.

           Is the crowd having a good time?   Well, the amorous couple next to us may have conceived a baby, so….yes? 

           What is the energy level?  Epic party or bingo hall? This concert and Eric Church were the generic cialis sale most energetic I have seen in Siouxland.      It was like a crazy frat Delta Chi party.  (I can only assume.  I was a dormie.  Playing Atari in my dorm room.  Loser.)                                  

            Technically, how did it sound?      They were really singing.  It sounded like them.  Even more passion than the recordings.

            Any special effects to enhance the performance?  The lights were crazy awesome.  The crowd got pumped up to “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons before the show.  It was pretty cool.         

            Were there any memorable moments? Plenty of stick to your ribs moments.  They mentioned a group of 30 gathered there in remembrance of a  loved one who recently passed away.

Florida Georgia Line knocked it out of the park!


Personal message to Brian on Facebook who detests “Bro Country”.

I appreciate your opinion.  You make some valid points.  I actually gave you a passing thought while listening to the lyrics at Creekfest.  There may be canadian levitra deeper lyrics and more complex melodies out there in the format.  (Although the latest “Dirt” shows an attempt at moving toward a more cognitive direction) Also, if you’re a fan of true blood country artist like Strait, Turner, Willie, Waylon and the boys – this may not be your cup of tea.  I get that.  I also saw 10,000 – 12,000 people having what appeared to generic cialis fast shipping be the time of their lives.  (Especially the visit web site couple next to me).  Is this a phase?  You betcha.  We’ve been through many phases in my time at KSUX.  That’s the part of the job I enjoy watching.  I used to work at a station where we NEVER had any new songs.  Ever.  The suspense was lacking.  There will be another movement soon to complement / edge out Bro Country.  I hope it’s something to your liking.  I keep thinking back to the fun rock of the late 80’s.  Poison, Def Leppard, Thunder, Warrant.  That’s a wee bit like Bro Country.  Fun times.   It was soon eroded by Nirvana, Soundgarden and Soul Asylum.  Flannel and somber moods replaced big hair, leather pants and cialis information whimsical lyrics.  Music changes.

How good was Florida Georgia Line?

Here was my somewhat organized order of great concerts in Siouxland:

1)      Kenny Chesney at the TEC or Kenny Chesney at the Auditrium

2)      Eric Church at the TEC

3)      Carrie Underwood (either time) at the TEC

4)      Taylor Swift’s first headlining gig…at the TEC

5)      Warren Brothers at the Stagecoach in 1998

6)      New Faces Show at WinnaVegas with Rascal Flatts, Phil Vassar, Sara Evans and Yankee Grey

7)      Alan Jackson KSUX 20th Birthday Bash at the TEC

8)      Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan at the TEC

9)      Tim McGraw at the Sioux City Auditorium

10    Vince Gill or Allison Krauss at the Orpheum

I’d put  this show in the Top 5.  Super entertaining.

One bummer:  Somebody stole my KSUX black jacket with “Tony Michaels” written in cursive.  Seriously, who besides me would want to wear that?  If you see it out in public, send me a picture and ask the thief to take it off and return it.  I’ll give you a reward.  And a hug.

Second bummer: This photo was taken while our dates were using the powder room (the port-o-potties)

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