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Pizza Pies, Cocktails and Ubers

Broadway, Pizza Pies, Cocktails, Ubers and Greyhounds My blog about a mancation trip to NYC It would be best to start the timeline on this journey...

SSC schools are spreading the kindness!!!

2 weeks ago I posted about a desire to spread the love and kindness in Siouxland after my son and I ran into a...

What country radio is doing wrong!

What country radio is doing wrong! I’ve never been invited to speak at a radio conference to industry insiders.  Despite many attempts to win nominations...

Bruce Miller on the passing of Carrie and Debbie

Bruce Miller from the Sioux City Journal talks about the recent passing of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds    

Tanya & Jim win the furnace & AC

Congrats to Tanya and Jim from Sioux City!!! They were announced the winners of the 12th annual giveaway.  Rick and the boys in blue have...
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