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May 11th Friday Night Spotlight recap


FNS review by David Becker

May 11th’s Friday Night Spotlight


This week’s Friday Night Spotlight includes 11 new songs this week. Friday Night Spotlight is a show that KSUX 105.7 puts on at 7 p.m. every Friday night. The show contains new music from popular artists and music from singers and bands some listeners may have never heard of before.

Josie Cooper, one of the DJs who hosts the show with Tony Michaels said that this week’s show sounded “pretty sappy. A lot more sappy than normal.” Cooper also stated that this week’s show will have about nine songs that are a lot slower than what the show usually carries. However, there are still at least three planned up-beat type of songs that will be played.  “If we’ve played the artist before, it’s kind of nice to show show different sides of the artist too, so, I think it’s a pretty good mix because we have some new artists and some artists that we’ve brought in the past that are already hitting it big in the charts.”

One of the things that Tony Michaels, station manager and program director at KSUX, hinted at the reason why some of these artists were not making the top 40 was that it could be due to marketing support from a large record label. Cooper, on the other hand, said that it could depend on their online following. An example of this was that Kane Brown, who performed at the Hard Rock Casino in 2016, had a sold-out show in Sioux City, yet KSUX had never played any of music. From there, Friday Night Spotlight was born in January 2016.

The show is sponsored by the Hard Rock Casino in downtown Sioux City. Brad Streeter, who is the Entertainment Manager at the Hard Rock Casino and FNS weekly host, said when talking about this week’s lineup, “I’m really excited about this program. The fact is that not many stations across the country are able to showcase music outside of the Top 40 based on corporate programming. The beauty about Powell is that it’s locally programmed and able to take chances, and to educate the market on new music, which helps everybody.”  Streeter mentioned that the demographic on the show is fairly young too, so it shows that the Millennials and Generation Z people are also listening to this new music.

“It’s definitely something on a Friday night that’s different. The cool thing about this too is that it has gone into some showcase shows, so we’re able to do concerts based on the artists that we’ve played on this and they have done really, really well which speaks volumes for the show.”

Something that makes KSUX stand out with shows like Friday Night Spotlight is that they have LOCAL decision making and do not have the corporate issues that could come with having a show like Friday Night Spotlight. KSUX is owned and operated by Powell Broadcasting. Other stations in the market might have a problem with this since they are owned and operated by companies mandating music decisions.

This week’s Friday Night Spotlight will show off the following artists and songs:


  • “Coke And Rum” by Post Monroe
  • “Damn Yankee” by Ben Cesare
  • “Girl In Pieces” by Drake White
  • “Anything You” by Brennin
  • “I Probably Won’t” by Bucky Covington
  • “Good Girl” by Dustin Lynch
  • “Hell On An Angel” by Dillion Carmichael
  • “If I Know Me” by Morgan Wallen
  • “Her World Or Mine” by Michael Ray
  • “All To Myself” by Dan + Shay
  • “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs


To listen to Friday Night Spotlight, listeners can go to the radio at 105.7 FM, KSUX’s website, or the official KSUX mobile app in the App Store and Google Play Store.