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Study: It’s Okay to Sleep with Your Dog in the Bed


There’s a lot of advice against letting your dog sleep in the bed with you because it could disrupt your sleep. But a recent study says it’s not true, and you can go ahead and snuggle up next to your canine best friend at night. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix studied 40 dogs who slept in the bedroom with their owners. The dogs wore an activity tracker that records whether it’s at rest and sleeping or active and at play. Their owners also wore an activity monitor that records the wearer’s movements and whether they’re sleeping soundly or not, and they also kept a sleep diary. The researchers found over seven days of testing that both the humans and the dogs slept reasonably well, with a sleep efficiency — the percentage of time spent asleep — of 81 percent for the humans and 85 percent for the dogs, above the 80 percent that’s considered satisfactory. The humans did sleep slightly better when the dog was off the bed, while the dogs slept the same whether they were on the bed or somewhere else in the bedroom. Some dogs likely shouldn’t be in the bedroom, however, such as those that are very young or old dogs that may not sleep through the night, as well as sick pets or a pet with the kind of temperament that might get aggressive when startled or woken up suddenly. (New York Times)