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10 years later….

A swift ten years have passed on KSUX….

So, my lovely wife Shana Lynn, has talked me into watching some Hallmark Movie Channel Christmas movies the past week.  Although they can be a bit syrupy with holiday spirit, it’s actually a nice diversion from talking heads on ESPN chat about the demise of my beloved Steelers.  I recently watched “Mingle all the Way” and “Miss Christmas”.  They both were relatively easy to watch and a nice family time moment in December.  I also found myself cussing way less than a Steelers game.  Both movies centered around two career obsessed women who bump into the love of their life.  The character of “Miss Christmas” was born on a Christmas tree farm.  I said the next day at work on December 13th, “hey, that’s like Taylor Swift”.

Today I learned it was Taylor Swift’s 29th birthday.  Man, time flies by.  It was just a few years ago she called us at KSUX in advance of her first headlining tour at the Tyson Events Center.  Turns out a “few years ago” was June 29, 2008.  10 years ago!  A decade!

I pondered that on my drive to Morningside College where I serve as an adjunct professor for the Mass Communications department.  (It’s a tremendous campus by the way.)  At the end of our final meeting today for the fall semester, the students asked what my favorite song was.   Some of their podcast projects detailed various music artists.  One exclaimed, “I’d be shocked if it wasn’t T Swizzle”.   Guilty.  I may have talked about my appreciation for Taylor Swift in passing a few times and how she does many things the right way.


  • It was clear from an early age, she had a passion for music…and she followed that passion.
  • As she references here in this old archival audio, she had a tremendous support system around her with her family that (in my opinion), has made her one of the most grounded superstar artists in music.
  • She is very giving of her time and talent to charitable efforts.
  • She’s not afraid to take a chance and be bold.
  • On her rise to fame, she took 10 minutes out of her busy schedule to talk with a country radio station morning show in Sioux City, Iowa.

Here’s a blast from with a then 18 year old Taylor Swift, wise beyond her years.

Happy birthday Taylor Swift!


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Tony Michaels

KSUX Program Director