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Be the positive we need!

So, I learned a new term today from my buddy, JB.  He said the new hot term that is trending now is called “doomscrolling” where you just scan through your Facebook and Twitter personal accounts and see all the doom and gloom about Covid.

Over the past few days, I’ve been making a concentrated effort to limit social media and tv news coverage.  Heck, Charlie Stone will keep me updated the next morning.  Instead, I’ve invested more in personal hobbies and listening to the radio.  I believe my mental state has improved a wee bit.  That’s a positive trend!

When I do post on Facebook, I try to make it positive or escapism in nature.  We recently had some great discussions about the best ending in movies (Rudy!, Rudy! Rudy!), how proximity to Runza assists in home sales, ketchup on tacos etc.  You know, the hard hitting stuff!

I’d really love to see more uplifting and genuine good moments you may have experienced in the past few months.  Please post on our Facebook page, call or text us at 712-274-1057 or email it to me at tonym@powellbroadcasting.com

I’ll start.  I’ve seen so much more of my lovely wife, learned a new sport in Frisbee golf and my lawn doesn’t look as bad as it normally does this time of year.  Plus, I’ve actually met some new neighbors.  What positives have you seen?

Please share.

(Big shout-out to Plymouth Awards.  They dropped off these t-shirts after something Candice said on-air at the very beginning of the pandemic about the need for positive gestures and action.)

Thanks for reading!

Tony Michaels

By the way, we are pictured here with “Lucky the Good Karma Cow”.  I was doing a remote and I accidentally broke off his ear while putting away the broadcast equipment.  So, I bought a $62 ceramic cow.  The next day, the left leg broke off.  But, the $62 was a small price for an utterly clean conscience.  I think.

If there’s ever a good time for good karma, it’s now!  Right?