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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Beat the Experts with Pub52 and Chopper Scott!

Check back in every week to see which teams the Pub52 staff and Chopper Scott think will win and then make your picks, and see if you can beat them and win a prize from Pub52 in Sgt. Bluff, IA!

Rules to note:

Entry deadline is 10a Saturday – week of..

To be considered a winner, you must pick better than both Experts that week. Having same win-loss score as that weeks best Expert pick, is considered to be a winning entry.

*All winning entries will be put into a drawing for that week’s prize.

Weekly winner will be announced each Tuesday on KSUX.

Games for 9/21 – 9/25

Pub52’s Picks: JT overall record 7-3

Chopper’s Picks: CS overall record 5-5

Congrats to Josh S. of LeMars who is the latest winner.  He went 5-0 with his picks last week.