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Cone Park Tubing Hill fun!

On Wednesday after work, I was able to get a sneak peek of the new tubing hill at Cone Park. It was amazing and a wee bit magical. I left my office as a middle age man and within minutes I was transformed (mentally) to a 10 year old kid having the time of my life racing by buddy Google from Q102. I won!  Take that. Google!

Seriously, was a gem of an addition to Siouxland.  It’s a great family setting with gorgeous views of Lewis and Clark Park / Mercy One field.

Takeaways from the ribbon cutting:

1) Get a time slot at the Cone Park web site

2) You go a little faster when the temp is cooler

3) There can be misting on the slide to lubricate it to make it go smoother

4) It’s a great way to burn off energy

5) It’s a bit impolite to cut in front of 10 year olds from The Junior League when you are really exciting to try it out

6) 10 year olds are very forgiving when a middle aged man wants to escape the office and have a little fun!

7) Cone Park may add additional lanes in the future

8) No snow needed for fun

9) My buddy Google lost.  He says he will be in the dunk tank at the Chicken Days in Wayne.  Oh, we will see.

10) Win your free passes on KSUX.

(Mark Hahn, Google from Q102 – SECOND place finisher, some kid and Zach Carson)

Tony Michaels

10 year old kid…uh, mentally

Sioux City, IA – home of Cone Park!