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Radio contest fueled by compassion!

Story time with Tony:

Yesterday, I hid our last pair of Garth Brooks tickets inside a book and placed it inside this lending library at Harry Emerson park on Bushnell in the 51106!

After hearing these clues on-air:

  • 51106
  • ________ and the Hendersons
  • Ralph Waldo _____________

Two KSUX listeners converged at the Harry Emerson park on Bushnell Avenue around the same time.  Jocelyn picked up the right book but didn’t see the tickets placed inside the book.

Another visitor to the park named Jay playing the same game said you might want to check that “Tacos and Beer Atmosphere” book again – I bet it’s in there.

Sure enough, it was.  Jay called Josie Cooper and provided play by play analysis. He even captured that winning moment on video.  He was thrilled for Jocelyn.

What a good dude!

He could have easily snuck over there, found the pair of tix, celebrated the moment and went to the concert and had a splendid experience.  He would have definitely have earned the tickets.

Instead, he chose compassion.  The joy of others was more important to him than his own. Jocelyn had come so close and he wanted to help her out.

I’ve been involved with hundreds of contests in 25 years or radio, but will always remember this one.

So, in a world filled with a lot of angst and selfishness…

Be like Jay!