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NU-OU game an ideal time for a new tradition

Dear Husker fans,

We have a problem. It’s not going to be easy to chat about.  A difficult conversation needs to lead to a gratifying end.  You know, something we can rally around and then stick together through all kinds of weather for good ole’ Nebraska U.

We need to do SOMETHING…about the tradition after the first touchdown.

It is after the first TD, right?  I know I saw some random balloons after a paltry field goal in the past.  You may have heard that balloon tradition can’t happen anymore. Hospitals need helium, birds die and UNL wants no lawsuits.  I get it.  We could all collectively complain but here are some ideas.  Maybe not good ideas.  Eight Ideas. Then, two genuine can-implement by September 17th ideas!

1.     Group Yoga – I’ve been reading a lot about the importance of breathing and the positive benefits of yoga. It de-stresses you, allows you to focus and works as an escape.  We need all that.  Will we have the room to stretch out?  I guess that depends on the win total in 2022.

2.     Homage to Oldfather – All fans take a picture of their father or a person that is a father figure to them. After the first TD, we all cheer along with our father and wave it to Oldfather Hall on campus.  Then, HuskerVision shows a picture of an important role model in the life of the individual that scored.

3.     2 minute Squid Game – Pick students out that stayed the ENTIRE last home game. They compete in a 2 minute “Red Light, Green Light” for FREE tuition or 20 Free Runzas.

4.     Husker Hooplah Cam – Just like “kiss cam”, but you showcase the rowdiest Husker faithful or Larry the Cable Guy.

5.     Digital Red Balloons – Through the Husker App, get a digital red balloon, hold it in the air. Toss it airborne and try to catch it. All ruined phones will not participate in the next option.

6.     Selfie Saturday – After the first TD, take an “ussie” with you and your guest(s).  Flood Insta, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.  We could OWN the internet and woo all the 5 star recruits. Dynasty, baby! One selfie at a time.  Day by day we get better and better.

7.     Ok, we release red special balloons. But, not on campus.  The smart kids in the College of Engineering develop a red balloon made of bird seed able to fly on a non-helium element in a small town Nebraska town like Hooper.  Stream it live on HuskerVision.  Then, show the power of Husker nation globally and cut to 99 balloons released in another country like Ireland.  No.  Bad memories there.  Like Japan.  Sure, we won there.  Japan.  Different cities every week.  Cue up that 80’s bop from Nena.  If the balloon option is a non-starter, then drones.  99 red drones.  Love it!

8.     Spray Can kids – Get amazing art students who have excelled in the class room.  After the first touchdown, a designated 4th grader spray paints a red balloon at the 35 yard line.  Then, we do an onside kick!


Fly the Husker Flag – One of the best attributes of the program is the buy-in from past athletes. Use it. Pick an amazing Husker athlete that espouses all that is great about the athletic department. Ahman Green.  Jordan Larson. Alex Gordon. After that first TD, they take a big Husker flag and run from the end zone to the 50 yard line.  They plant it in a holder. Then, a youngster representing the future runs it to the other side of the field.

Blackshirt Ted Talk and Rally – After that first TD, we NEED a big stop from the Husker D. So, we play a 90 second hype-up video from a past Blackshirt. You don’t think Jason Peter would fire up 90k? Grant Wistrom would spur on a 3 and out.  No doubt. Finished business. Get the crowd into it. I can see it now.  September 17.  Anthony Grant scores on a big 40 yard run.  Band plays.  PAT made.  Then, Broderick Thomas holds up a set of keys. “Hey, we fell a bit short in my playing days, let’s get it done right here. Sooner magic is no match for us.  Let’s show them Husker Power! Go….Big….Red.”  Man, woman and child, that gives me chills just thinking about it.

It’s a perfect time to implement one of these last two ideas. Just in time for a familiar foe in Lincoln on September 17th about 11:11am.  GBR.

Hopefully, we can get an idea to fly based on the strength of Husker Nation, not helium.

Sincerely in Big Red love,

Tony Michaels (and my dog KC approved this Blackshirt message.  Throw the bones.)