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Thomas Rhett on his strengths in school + daughters’ academic journeys


If you ever wondered what Thomas Rhett was like in school, he’d be the first to admit that he “was an okay student.”

“I made good grades, I think, because I felt like I had to, Thomas recounts. “But when I got to college, it really started to be like, ‘I really dislike this.'”

“I’ve always had a very creative brain. I’ve never been good at math. I’ve always been good at memorizing information,” shares the country superstar. “Like, even when I write songs, people are like, ‘Why do you not need to look at the words?’ And I’m like,”Cause I know them,’ you know? But if you ask me to, say ‘If Johnny has ten apples and Seth has two, how many do we have left?’ It’s just over my head.”

With his school years long behind him, Thomas and his wife, Lauren, are now shepherding the academic journeys of their daughters Willa GrayAda JamesLennon Love and Lillie Carolina.

“It’s funny to watch my kids do school because Willa Gray is an exceptional student and so was my wife. Very attention to detail,” shares Thomas. “Ada James is a lot like me. She’ll come home and complain. She got to do homework and we’ll sit there and kind of muster over the same word problem for forever.”

“Lennon and Lillie are too young, but I’m already starting to see where we’re going to have to sit down and really grind at school,” notes the father of four. “And a lot of it feels like me and a lot of it feels like Lauren. So every year is different.”

“But what I do know is that the math that they’re teaching in first grade is already a little bit over my head,” Thomas adds in jest.

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