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Tim McGraw never hesitates to run his music by wife Faith Hill and their three daughters

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“I always run all my music by Faith,” Tim McGraw tells ABC Audio, and that includes his newly released 17th studio album, Standing Room Only

The process of listening to each other’s projects prerelease and weighing in with honesty has been part of Tim and wife Faith Hill‘s relationship for a long time now.

“We don’t always agree, we’re different artists. I mean, just when she’s recording, she does the same thing. She runs things by me and some things I like, some things I don’t,” he says. “The same with my music, some things she likes and some things I don’t. But we’ve learned to respect each other for our process and our artistry, and learn to trust one another for what they do.”

What about their daughters GracieMaggie and Audrey? Do they get this exclusive privilege of listening to their country superstar dad’s music before the world, as well?

“[I] always play stuff for [the girls] and they listen to [it] and they give me their opinions,” Tim shares. “I don’t know that they like listening to dad as much as they like listening to mom because they can sing along with mom. But I don’t know what will be their favorites.”

“They’d listened to the album for a while now, but they sort of keep it close,” he adds. “So maybe they’ll tell me what their favorites are.” 

Tim recently took the 2023 GMA Summer Concert Series stage to talk about his new album, perform the title track “Standing Room Only” and more. In case you missed it, you can watch it now at goodmorningamerica.com.

“Standing Room Only” is currently #13 and rising on the country charts.

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