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Miranda and the Huskers


Reader advisory: I may have too much time on my hands.

So, I’ve been daydreaming a lot at work this past week. My thoughts wander off to the land of Huskers and the CMA Awards Show – and in particular, the subplot that had most offices chatting the next day at the coffee machine.

So, I’ve decided to devote this space to why the Huskers and Miranda Lambert have more in common than you might think. Really, this is just a thought-starting reading exercise for my avid readers of this blog. Namely, Bruce Miller and my mother Rosie. (Editorial note: Candice shares a studio with me for 15 hours a week and she still hasn’t read my CMA blog. And believe me. I’ve brought it up.)

Here we go:

1) Both have recently exited rocky relationships. UNL severed ties with passionate Bo Pelini. Ms. Lambert divorced from uber-personality Blake Shelton.

2) NU and Lambert have famed boutiques. Miranda has her Pink Pistol Boutique in Tishimongo, OK. NU has ties with the University bookstore.

3) Both get a lot of screen time and attention garnering a lot of chatter the next day. Lambert puts on memorable performances. The Huskers play a SLEW of close games this year and are must see tv in 2015. Holy dramatic finishes!

4) It’s really awkward to see a loved one with another. Naturally, Miranda appears emotionally distraught hearing about Blake and his Voice co-star Gwen Stefani heating up their relationship. Huskers look eastward to see their neighbor Iowa making potential flight plans to Indy and the cherished Big Ten Championship game.

5) Miranda had 6 CMA Female Vocalist of the Year Awards. Nebraska has 5 National Championships. That’s close enough.

6) Miranda was born on November 10th. Nebraska played the biggest games against Oklahoma in, wait for it, the month of November. (Oklahoma – the home state to Miranda)

7) Lambert signed a sponsorship deal with Dodge Ram Trucks that drive GREAT in the snow in November 2014. That same month…Nebraska got trucked by Wisconsin – in the snow.

8) Both just wanted something good to happen this past week. They both got it. Miranda was named Female Vocalist of the Year. The Huskers knocked off a Top ten Michigan State squad making a possible Black Friday contest against Iowa a little more juicy.

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