LeRoy says that his favorite event that he has been a part of since starting at Powell Broadcasting was when Kenny Chesney was at the Tyson Event Center. They made the entire area around the KSUX van like a beach, and the entire staff that was working wore Hawaiian shirts. He says it was just an incredibly fun night. LeRoy’s hobbies include going to stock car races, travelling, and photography (mainly sports photography).LeRoy has worked in radio all over Iowa and spent time in Florida but always comes back to his adopted home of Sioux City. He has also worked as an announcer at various racetracks around Siouxland and the Upper Midwest. LeRoy says he is mostly a homebody, and likes to spend most of his time listening to country music and relaxing on his back porch.

Candice Nash

Candice was born and raised right here in Iowa….

She moved here to Siouxland in 1984 for her final two years of college at Briar Cliff, met Steve, married him, and has been here ever since.

Candice and Steve live on an acreage west of Hinton where they raised 3 boys. With four guys in the house she likes to say that sometimes she was the princess of the family, but usually just the odd woman out!

Candice loves all things “Fairs and Festivals”….adores bacon and has A LOT of shoes. She is known to throw out country quotes like “If you fly with the crows you get shot with the crows” or “there is never a right way to do a wrong thing, so quit wasting your time trying”.

Candice believes in buying locally, putting down roots in a community, and says if you think kids have gone to heck and a handbasket then you are hanging around the wrong kids! She suggests you volunteer with 4-H and FFA kiddos, Show Choir/Band/Sports Kids, help out your youth Groups… Here is where you will find the future and she thinks it looks Bright…

Don’t ask her about Tv shows, most movies from the past, video games or other “screen time” activities…. Didn’t grow up watching, doesn’t watch now…. Would much rather be outside doing anything other than watching someone else doing something on a screen. She grew up listening to the radio in the hog houses and still loves the live and local aspect of KSUX.

She has a dog (the size of a pony) named Kevin and chickens she calls “her girls” that lay her the most beautiful brown, green and white eggs!