I was born in Colorado, and grew up in Wisconsin, but Sioux City is definitely my home. I originally came to KSUX in 2014, and returned in 2020 for my second tenure at this great radio station. I spent the better part of 2019 in the Pacific Northwest doing a lot of camping, hiking, and exploring. I hesitate to call it the mid-life crisis for me, but in a way it was. I learned a lot about the value of all the friendships and family I had left, and ultimately that brought me back home. I am a father of three wonderful children, a dog owner, and a fish keeper.



Here are some other things about me you might like to know.

Things I enjoy doing:

– Spending time with my children

– Anything outdoors… Fishing, hiking, even yardwork

– Working on my model railroad

Favorite country singers:

– Eric Church

– Garth Brooks

– Keith Urban

Favorite Foods:

– Casey’s Pizza

– Sweet & Sour Chicken

– fresh shrimp

Favorite Sports Teams:

– Green Bay Packers

– Wisconsin Badgers

– Sioux City Musketeers


Email: chopperscott@powellbroadcasting.com