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Tony’s CrossFit FS journey

cross fit fs 2Here we are. It’s the end of January.

How is your New Year’s resolution?

For the record, I’ve never been a big fan of setting goals based on a number on a calendar. If you really want to make a positive change, go ahead and do it.

In March 2015, I had just completed my Home Show duty at the Sioux City Convention Center. We were lucky enough to team up with Izzon Photo booth and I was tired and back at work on a Monday morning looking through staff photos of the past weekend. I didn’t like what I saw in my selfies. It appeared as though I packed on a few too many L-B’s for my liking over the winter months and realized I needed to make a change. Additionally, I was feeling sluggish. It was time.

So with that, I marched into Four Seasons Health Club and signed up for Cross Fit FS.

I met Abby, Brady and the crew and got to work.

Looking back, it wasn’t a pretty sight. I required A LOT of instruction and patience. I was asking my body to do things I haven’t done in 40 years. To my shock, my body is able to do far more now than what I had envisioned 10 months ago. I am by no means ready for the Cross Fit games televised on ESPN, so there are alternatives for the things I have not quite mastered…which is nice.

Every day at Cross Fit FS is unique. I never get bored. You start off with some warm-up activities, then you focus on your strength or skill for the day. The fun part really hits with the WOD. That’s the workout of the day. This is a usually timed feat that really tests how far you have (or have not) come with the program. All the workouts are posted at Cross Fit FS on Facebook.

Here’s some of my takeaways:

1) This exercise program (like every other one) only works when you do it. You have to actually leave the couch.

2) The more you go and give it your all – the better results you will have

3) When co-workers tell you may need to work out – it means you are cranky and should follow their advice. (Cross Fit FS is a great stress reducer for me. It’s super easy to get frustrations out of you when you are tossing around some weights. Very therapeutic)

4) You can alter a technique if you are not comfortable – For example if you can’t correctly do proper form pull-ups, you will be instructed to use the rings. (My terminology is not great. The instructors gaze into your eyes and show you the proper form.  They are good at descriptions.)

5) CrossFitters have a special bond with each other. Maybe it’s all the sweat and pushing your determination to the limit. There’s a really good vibe there. It’s nice to get all the support and encouragement from your fellow mates. (Maybe politicians would get along better if they did CrossFit together.)

6) I really do have a bounce in my step the day after a workout. The post workout energy really is a nice benefit.

7) The instructors really want to be there. They are genuinely concerned that you are doing it the right way.

8) Stretching is a good thing.

9) It takes about 3 weeks to form a healthy habit. Once you get past those 3 weeks, your body rebounds quicker. Plus, your diet gets better. If you do a work out after downing some greasy food earlier in the day, well…I don’t want to finish that sentence. Use your imagination.

10) I feel so much better for Home Show 2016 than I did for Home Show 2015.

Tony Michaels