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Brian Kelley talks partnering with Jason Aldean + Tom Glavine for new restaurant, Papa Surf Burger Bar

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Brian Kelley‘s Papa Surf Burger Bar has finally opened.

The new restaurant — which is a collaboration between Brian, Jason Aldean and baseball legend Tom Glavine — arrives as an answer to a dearth of burgers in Florida’s 30A.

“30A has a burger need. There’s a need for good burgers. There’s really nothing going on down there in terms of a straight-up burger shop,” Brian tells ABC Audio. “So we got our designer in line, we got our builder in line for the renovation and lined up everything.”

Soon, Brian decided to invite Jason and Tom as partners.

“We were down at the beach hanging out with Jason and Brittany Aldean and Tom and Chris Glavine, Hall of Fame pitcher and his wife just hanging out. And we were showing them what we were working on and we’re like, ‘Yo, if y’all want to get in on this with us, we’d love to have you all as partners and like, really explode this thing,'” recalls Brian.

“Jason loves good food, loves good people, good times. He actually just opened up another Jason Aldean’s in Gatlinburg. So he’s definitely a restaurateur,” he notes. “Tom loves a good burger. They’re all foodies. And so it was just an easy, fun, like, let’s do something with our friends and see how much fun we can have and how cool we can make this spot.”

While Papa Surf Burger Bar just opened its doors, expansion opportunities are already on Brian’s mind.

“I’m definitely going to start looking for a bigger location, more square footage for a massive Papa Surf somewhere,” he shares. “I don’t know where, but I’ll be looking. I’m on the hunt for it.”

For more information on Papa Surf Burger Bar, visit its website.

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