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Brothers Osborne embrace creative freedom and a “fresh start” on new album

Courtesy of EMI Records Nashville

Brothers Osborne‘s highly anticipated fourth album has arrived.

Out now, the 11-track album is one that marks a new chapter for the duo’s John and TJ Osborne in more ways than one.

“Since we released music, John and I really shared so much about our personal lives since the release of Skeletons. And, I guess we didn’t realize when we created that there [were] some barriers there that maybe we didn’t realize and certainly didn’t want there,” says TJ.

“This time around, while we didn’t necessarily poignantly or specifically talk about any of those topics, it was the first time we were able to create without any barriers,” he notes. “We got to explore a lot more even musically in the studio, and we just felt like for the first time, completely, 100% us.”

For this record, Brothers Osborne also changed things and enlisted the production prowess of Mike Elizondo — a decision that, alongside other factors, inspired the self-titling album.

“Usually people do it on their first record but we thought, ‘Well, this is a new beginning for us.’ The change of the producer and a lot of the musicians and stuff. So we just thought this was a fresh start,” explains TJ. “We thought we’re going to lean in more than we have previously and, this is us, Brothers Osborne.”

Brothers Osborne — which features its lead single, “Nobody’s Nobody” — is out now wherever you listen to music. 

Here’s the full track list for Brothers Osborne:

“Who Says You Can’t Have Everything”
“Nobody’s Nobody”
“Might As Well Be Me”
“Sun Ain’t Even Gone Down Yet”
“Goodbye’s Kickin’ In”
“Love You Too”
“New Bad Habit”
“We Ain’t Good At Breaking Up”
“Back Home”
“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”
“Rollercoaster (Forever And A Day)”

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