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Chris Janson talks “All I Need Is You,” ’80s country songs + Florida’s 30A

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If you’ve found yourself grooving along to Chris Janson‘s “All I Need Is You” midway through the song, you’re not alone.

The song starts off unassumingly like a typical romantic ballad before the tempo kicks up a notch to give it a good groove. This melodic buildup and rhythm, as Chris shares, is every bit intentional and reminiscent of some ’80s country hits.

“It’s a sweet spot, man. There’s a sweet spot in that. You got to find that tempo. It’s almost like a ‘Feels So Right’ kind of melody, you know? Or a ‘Smoky Mountain Rain’ kind of melody. It’s that vein,” Chris tells ABC Audio while referencing Alabama and Ronnie Milsap‘s respective songs.

The lyrics to Chris’ “All I Need Is You” even reflects his love for his beach house down in Florida’s 30A.

“I wanna take a trip in a Chevrolet/ To a beach house down on 30A/ Have the Gulf Of Mexico sittin’ right in my backyard/ But as long as you’re right here in my arms,” goes the autobiographical second verse.

“Even beyond the subject matter — which is, of course, Kelly and our love story — but there’s little inflections in there, too. You know, they’re just so unabashedly real,” Chris says of his personal track. “From the beach house down on 30A, which is where I was writing the song on the back porch. That’s where that came from. And looking at the Gulf of Mexico from your backyard. So it was a real true-to-life moment.”

“All I Need Is You” is the lead single off Chris’ latest album, The Outlaw Side of Me, out now

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