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Spreading the love audio on KSUX

Don’t you wish there was more “humble and kind” individuals out there like Bria in the picture above?  She totally “gets it” and is on the right path to living a life filled with compassion.  It’s pretty easy to spot her positive attitude.

However, people in a bad mood are pretty easy to spot too.  Usually, they have a scowl, a gesture made in traffic or toxic words made to you or a loved one.  I had one of those encounters recently after school with my oldest son Trey.

I made a quick post about it when I got home with my sons:


Story time with Tony.

Let me recap my afternoon commute picking up the kiddos from school (That’s the easy parenting gig)

On my way, I listened to national news reports on KSCJ of the 4 Chicago scumbags that FaceTime lived a kid napping of an 18 year old with special needs.

On the way to the mall (our afternoon winter hang out), a Sioux City Community School employee in a truck gave me dirty looks and mouthed something with disgust when we both drove off at nearby stop signs at the same time.

Then, as we were leaving the mall, Trey who was walking a few paces in front of me walked out a door a lady with a shopping cart was trying to enter.

(Side note – Autism provides a few challenges. One of which is violating personal space once in awhile – it’s not ideal. We’re working on it)

Lady angrily said “that’s the rudest behavior I have ever seen!”

I said “I’m sorry. He has autism. He means no harm whatsoever”

She retorted “that’s rude!”

So, tomorrow morning on KSUX will be “share the positivity and be nice to people day”. Hug a friend. Buy a stranger coffee. Open the door for someone. Take someone bowling. Be compassionate.

Maybe we can play “Humble & Kind” at the top of every hour. If you see someone being generous – drop us a note, text / call 274-1057 and let us know.

It’s a spread the love Friday tomorrow! 🇺🇸

Here are some of the audio from that day on KSUX:

It was amazing the reaction we had throughout the day on the radio station.  I believe after all the negativity in the national news as of late, it was great to reflect on the great compassion we see on a daily basis when we stop and take time to notice.  We had a large number of classrooms take the spirit of the day to the whole next level!  Pictured below is the 4th grade class at Lewis & Clark Elementary.

lewis-and-clark-4thThe spirit of the day was shared in many ways with calls, texts and e-mails from many in Siouxland including Cardinal Elementary in South Sioux City.  They started the day announcing it over the PA system.

This was one of my favorites from Drilling Pharmacy and Mrs. Ganz’s 3rd grade class at Sunnyside Elementary!


Here’s to making 2017 more humble and kind in Siouxland.


Tony Michaels