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It’s the KSUX MasterMind!

Its your chance to win cold hard cash each and everyday with the RTI Threads MasterMind!  If you can answer all FIVE of our trivia questions correctly, you can get your hands on the MONEY!  But if you miss one, we move on to the next day, and add $5 to the prize pool.
  1. Caller 15 gets the chance to play
  2. Each question will only be read one time
  3. Caller 15 will have (5) seconds to respond at the end of the question.
  4. Answer must be fully correct.  (ie must say “George Strait.”  “King George” is not allowed)
  5. Prize starts at $20.  After each unsuccessful caller 15, $5 is added to the prize until it is won.
  6. All other standard Powell Broadcasting Rules apply.
A BIG thank you to RTI Threads for allowing us to make this happen and to put CASH in your hands.  Easy to design, affordable shirts that are simple to order and quick to arrive.  RTIThreads.com