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My wishes for my favorite people

This past week, there has been a lot of peering back at the past calendar year with fond recollection and nostalgia. I would like to take a moment to share with you my wishes for the upcoming year.

2016 wishes:

Mike Riley – a few lucky breaks, a surprise star on the defensive line in 2016 and when I reference Mike Riley at the office people know that he is the coach of dear ol’ Nebraska U.

Husker fans – patience

Hawkeye fans – the first Rose Bowl win since 1959

Cyclone fans – An epic March win to advance to the Final Four.

KSUX family pic

Josie Cooper – A return visit from Pauly Shore. Also, a wish for Josie a better attitude in the new year (That’s not possible btw – Once again, I contend every office needs someone like Josie Cooper. Her positivity is contagious)

Chopper Scott – My wish for the rocker is another former rocker in the country format. We had Kid Rock, Bret Michaels and Steven Tyler in the past make forays into country music. So, how about Volbeat?

My understanding boss – Stronger walls that can withstand bowling ball strikes if we decide to bring back the KSUX Secret Sound contest. (I so thought that was my last day on the job)

My lovely wife – a healthy 2016 with no broken bones that require me to do any laundry beyond towels and sheets. (Candice tells me this is a horrible wish to bring up laundry)

My work wife Candice – An announcement from the yellow hats of the Plymouth County Fair that they will now be adding a day to make it the Best Six Days of Summer!


Me – a return trip to Sioux City from Kelsea Ballerini also a renewal of my favorite retired shows like SOA, FNL, Parenthood, Ed and Sportsnight.

My mother – A trophy for reading most of these lame blogs

My father – A set of new matching Father / Son Husker red trucks

Sioux City Journal Editor and Friday morning guest Bruce Miller – No Adam Sandler movie reviews and no conversations on-air with me about SOA, FNL, Parenthood, Ed and Sportsnight.

Former mayor and chicken enthusiast Dave Ferris – A fruit basket and thank you card from Rob Zombie. Better late than never.

KCAU – a return to the airwaves of Doc Benzoni!!!

Eric Church – Another surprise album no one knows about realized every month of the year.

jmb site

Jacob Martin Band – Continued success and national airplay beyond just the uber cool radio stations in Sioux City playing “Look at What you Started”

Remsen native Dankia Portz – a song on a movie soundtrack. Perhaps a Nicholas Sparks motion picture.

swift and tony

Taylor Swift – Just ONE country song released to country radio in 2016. That song would focus on your mother. Talk about her dedication, sacrifice and love.

Moville native Kelsey K – a writing session with Kelsea Ballerini

Kane Brown – A moment on the CMA Awards stage

Blake and Miranda – happiness and awesome material for new songs

I-29 commuters – Same wish as Husker fans or hover-cars

People who eat food in Siouxland – ONE Runza location in Siouxland. Just one. Is that too much to ask for?

KSUX listeners – a great year filled with awesome new tunes, fun, prizes, and genuine emotion.

Happy New Year!

Tony Michaels
KSUX Program Director
Sioux City, IA
Twitter: KSUXTonyM