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Sneaky’s Fire

On January 11th, my cell phone was buzzing non-stop from people that wanted to know what was going on with the Sneaky’s Chicken Monday morning fire. When I saw the images from that day, it made me sick to my stomach. Sneaky’s is the home to the KSUX at-work lunch bunch and Dave Ferris has been doing live calls every Friday morning for the last 5 years. Dave Ferris has held various roles in my life in Sioux City…from business man – to mayor – to radio client – to personal friend and frequent texting buddy – to an inspiration.

Dave Ferris and the Sneaky’s crew experienced an extremely gut-wrenching week that would rock anyone. I can’t imagine the trauma of seeing 37 years of hard work in building a business and Sioux City brand being challenged with the events of this week. In talks with Dave this week, you can hear the determination in his voice that made Sneaky’s a household name in Siouxland.

Siouxland has responded this week like they always do in moments like these. Dave Ferris reports hundreds of well-wishers reaching out to him on his cell phone. The Sneaky’s Facebook page has received over a 1,000 new likes this week, freezer space has been offered from Siouxland Burger King locations, Town House sent over pizzas for staff and the Stoney Creek offered up their kitchens so catering can continue. Siouxland cares.

Sneaky’s will be back. Better than ever. Soon. You can hear it in the interview we did with him this morning.

I strongly believe the fabric of society is built on those overcoming pitfalls to achieve their dream. I wish more people had the outlook of Dave Ferris and the staff at Sneaky’s. It really is an inspiration. When I saw the smoke on Monday I had no idea I would be inspired by week’s close. I just assumed I would be sad all week. That is the emotion that makes sense. But then this phrase popped into my head…

Smoke clears. Determination stays.

That almost looks like a saying that should adorn the walls of the newly remodeled Sneaky’s, huh?


Tony Michaels
KSUX Program Director / Sneaky’s enthusiast


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