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Tony’s Favorite TV Shows

Here’s my confession. I don’t enjoy tv shows about forensic science. I know. Clearly, I am in the minority opinion on this one. CSI shows top many ratings charts and I have absolutely no interest in them.

It’s been my experience all of my FAVORITE shows get cancelled WAY too early. On the radio, I wax poetically about the early demise of Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Sportsnight and Ed. Ed was the one about the bowling alley lawyer. All of those four shows had heart, characters I actually cared about and writing that extends beyond a shifty guy killing someone. They all (in different ways) focused on real life in a storytelling fashion not nearly employed enough on scripted shows.

This fall season I discovered a show that lived up to the trailer hype. It’s called “This is Us” and it is awesome. It may be even better than Parenthood. It has it all – intrigue, witty writing about characters that could be real friends and co-worker in which you share common traits. I’m so happy NBC gave it a shot in the precious real estate where Parenthood resided for seasons. I hope and pray enough people enjoy it to make it a few seasons.

Spread the word if ya like it. Let’s keep this baby on tv – maybe, they could call it CSI Us. Tv execs love that!

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