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Tony’s sports based podcast


Baldy in the Bleachers Podcast – Episode 1  –  This Kool Aid is Tasty!
Hosted by Tony Michaels with special guests Preston Munsch & Travis Morgan


This is definitely my favorite time of year – the return of COLLEGE FOOTBALL.  I recently asked Tony N Candice Facebookers if they preferred college of NFL football.

The question was :  Which do you prefer?  College or NFL football?  The reaction was a firm vote of confidence as to what is transpiring on the campuses in Lincoln, Iowa City and Ames.

79% – College football

15% – NFL

6% –  I have about the same interest in BOTH

There’s just something about the marching bands, tailgates and cheerleaders.

There’s a certain civility at Memorial Stadium you will not find at Arrowhead during a heated rivalry game.  College games (usually) provide an opportunity to take the kiddos without making it feel like you snuck them into a dirty R movie.

I love the Runzas, Valentino’s, the comraderie and everything about a Husker home game.  The experience of watching on tv has been enhanced over the last few decades, but there’s no place like 10th and Vine Street.

So, I decided to launch a podcast centered around sports and Husker football.  And, I’ve asked my Husker buddies who happen to be top notch broadcasters are high quality dudes:

Preston Munsch (who was standing next to me in the above photo in 1996)

Travis Morgan (Omaha / Sioux City tv sports dude who makes me chuckle daily)