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Tyler Hubbard’s “most physical” job taught him important life lessons

ABC/Connie Chornuk

With Labor Day weekend right around the corner, country star Tyler Hubbard is reflecting on the life lessons he picked up from “one of the worst jobs” he had early on.

“I don’t know if it was the worst job, definitely the most physical, [but it] was probably pouring concrete,” says Tyler. “I did that for a year with a friend that had a concrete business, and we poured a lot of concrete that year, and I just remember really early mornings and really late nights.”

“If the sun was up, we were working, and that was pretty influential in creating the work ethic that I have,” he recalls. “It was either that or my dad had a tree service that I grew up working with him doing that, as well, which was again very manual labor, very long days and taught me a lot about working hard.” 

“Those were special times and as hard as it was, I’m thankful for those years,” shares Tyler. “I love working hard, and I’m grateful for the struggle that got me where I’m at.”

Coming up, Tyler will open for Old Dominion on select dates of their No Bad Vibes Tour. For Tyler’s full tour schedule, visit his website.

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