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A journey from bullied student to breakout star!

There are some story lines you WANT to see come true.

For many, it was the Cubs winning the World Series last year. Others really want to live in a world where Wells Blue “Bunny Tracks” ice cream is as calorie-free as it is delicious to consume.  Personally, I would really like to have a full head of hair – for just one glorious day.  I already have the plan.  I would rent a red convertible and travel down Highway 20 with the radio cranked.  And sing off-key.  With hair!

Instead, I really want to see new artist Jessie Chris make it big.

jessie 2On Friday Nights on KSUX, we showcase 12 songs country radio largely ignores for a variety of reasons – maybe it doesn’t fit into a format, there’s a lack of marketing or just bad timing.  It’s amazing how many GREAT songs can be found outside of the Top 40.

fnsJosie Cooper brought the seemingly effortlessly melodies of vocalist Jessie Chris  and her song to our attention on the KSUX Friday Night Spotlight show and I was surprised at the lack of airplay Chris has received by country radio.  Radio Disney has picked her single “Burn” up and has chosen her to participate with Disney’s “Choose Kindness” campaign.  We had a similar campaign here in Siouxland and it’s so refreshing to see a young artist who “gets it” when it comes to compassion.  I find her backstory to be a very compelling narrative that will resonate with many listeners.

I loved her advice to someone that may be being bullied right now because they are different.  I would love to see her give this first hand account at area junior highs and high schools.  Maybe more students will follow their passion and the world will benefit from their talent.

Chris stated in our interview “kids are bullied because they are different and usually kids who are different are just so awesome and remarkable and other kids are sometimes intimidated.  So, whatever it is that makes you different – don’t change that and don’t feel like you need to change that to be cool because different is way more fun I promise”

Jessie Chris may be different than the national Country Top 40 fare you hear daily, but you may just find, a different sound may just be up your alley this Spring.

We may never get a Cubs repeat, calorie free ice cream, or my hair whipping in the breeze, but we can order up another scoop of musical diversity from a musician following her dream.

That’s a story line we can all appreciate.


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