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Husker – Hawkeye rivalry


My heart hurts for college football fans in Alaska. They have no bordering rivalries with a University a few miles away in a different state. Their Alaskan workplaces must be very vanilla compared to what I’ve witnessed at the KSUX studios a Charlie Stone’s drive* away from the Good Life state**. So sad. Plus, they’re in the dark a lot. Or in the light at lot. Dang it! I should have paid better attention in Mrs. Lampe’s science class.

Key –

* The bombastic Open Line host Charlie Stone on KSCJ / news man on KSUX

** Nebraska’s old school branding statement (I can’t write Nebraska Nice. Can’t do it. Sorry)

This past week has been delightful. At work. At the grocery store. At Roller Rama. The conversations I’ve participated in person, online and over the phone has been what has made this blossoming match-up worthy of many a compelling chat. Noted psychologists argue the build up to your scheduled vacation emits about as much joy as the vacation itself. With the result leaving a large percentage of the Siouxland area bummed out – that same philosophy holds true here.


Football is an unexpected sport. Experts mess up predictions all the time***

***This is me waffling on an earlier dumb statement

You see, I said with my trained eye in August the Huskers were probably going 10-2 and the struggling Hawkeyes after a tailspin last year were slated for a 6-6 record. Boy was I wrong.

Facebook user Lacey who called me on the phone – “Is this Tony Michaels? I knew you were way off on your prediction. I can’t wait to see the Huskers lose on Friday”

Roller Rama dad wearing a Hawkeye sweatshirt after seeing my Husker Hat**** “The game I really care about is in Indy. A win over the Huskers would just be icing on the cake. I really want to win the Big 10. Michigan State looks beatable.” (Is that because NU beat the Spartans? Is that some type of slam?) I wished him good luck. You know, a half-hearted good luck.

**** Always attached to my bald dome in the winter. The scalp gets cold man!

Cowboy Bob from Y Country – “That trip to Lincoln has been worrying me since week 3. I’m going to hear it from Husker fans all year if they pull out this win” I believe Bob was referring to me.

Youth Football Coach Hawkeye Matt who attempted to name our team “Lil Hawkeyes” until the vocal minority Husker Dads threatened a protest – “So, you really think you’re going to win”?*****

***** I’ve heard this tone before. Husker Fans in 1995. Super confident ones. Are the Hawkeye fans turning into 1995 Husker fans? If so, open up a Hawkeye Hounds Stone on Gordon Drive. Nothing shows pride like 30 National Championship items in your closet. I should know. Skin tight t-shirts from 1995 are sexy right?

10 year old Husker kiddo Conner from our football team at RollerRama “Dude, we are going to beat the #4 team on Black Friday!”******

****** This was 13 minutes after the announcement. Does this kiddo have a Twitter account? Move over Jenna Rehnstrom – we have a budding journalist in the making.



I received a frantic call from my Autism dad buddy Josh (we are like Fraternity brothers – a frat I never know existed until 2005 – Sigma Alpha Take That Autism. That’s kinda catchy. SATTA brother!) – “Dude. All “we” have to do is win! We are #4.” “We”. He’s funny. If Iowa wins, I’ll be very happy for the Josh, Cowboy Bobby, Hawkeye Matt and crazy Iowa fan Lacey who wears the passion on her sleeve and profile image.

If Nebraska loses, I’ll be crying at Roller Rama with my son and his buddy from my the youth football team.

Losing stinks. Gloating for 364 days (and more) is stupendous!

My prediction?

31-30. Not sure which team has 31. I’m either having a Husker Party…or a Husker Support Group. *******

******* Husker fans stick together in all kinds of weather for Good Ole Nebraska U.

I’m preparing for both outcomes.



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