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Throwback Thursday audio – Taylor calls TNC

So, we’ve had some fun today looking back at 25 years of KSUX.  I’ve been digging through the KSUX audio files.  It’s been a fun process.

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Taylor Swift played her first big tour in 2008.  She opened her tour at the Tyson Events Center on June 29th, 2008.  It was a tremendous show filled with energy.  Swift was nice enough to call us before the concert.  She displayed all the traits in this interview that would make her the biggest selling artist a few years later.


I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan.  Some would call me a Taylor apologist.  I guess that moniker fits.  My prediction is she will be back (near) full time in the country radio market by 2025 – give or take a few years.  Maybe a return trip to the Tyson Events Center?  I’ll be there.



Tony Michaels